Peak Flows for 09/14/2013 to 09/28/2013

peak flow

When all this started, I was advised to start tracking my peak flows on a twice daily basis (as well as whenever I felt difficulty breathing), and so I’ve done so. Does it mean anything? The nurse practitioner I saw last said that this looked fine.

I am so deeply confused. So why do I keep attending these never ending appointments?

I’m not on that many medications, just Singulair, Qvar and Ventolin – but it still seems like I take quite a lot of drugs for the treatment of nothing at all.


4 thoughts on “Peak Flows for 09/14/2013 to 09/28/2013

  1. Hi, nice to meet ya. I cannot tell you how many months and months and MONTHS my PF charts looked analogous to this. Keep pushing your doctors to get where you know you need to be–evidently this combo isn’t working for you… but something will. And, if your current doctors aren’t doing enough, I cannot stress hard enough how important it is to find new ones.
    All the best!

  2. Thanks, Kerri! It’s nice to meet you, too.

    It’s not so easy to find doctors here. There are a handful of physicians in town, but none of them have been accepting new patients in years. The rest of us have to rely on a locum and nurse practitioner run clinic, and, of course the ER in the even of an emergency. Even to see my Allergist, I need to travel 2 hours each way (thankfully, we can get travel grants to help defray costs).

    I was lucky to start this journey with a really good locum, who immediately referred me for at PFT and allergy testing. In general, though, even getting an appointment is a nightmare – unless there’s a locum in any given month, we operate on “same day access.” The nurse practitioner I saw insists that it’s impossible that I might have asthma, but just to see her took 2 months of calling each and every day first thing in the morning. It’s a little easier to see my Allergist, though.

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